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Wed, Oct. 20th, 2010, 08:16 pm
nherizu: I need your help, dear Facebookers :)

Hello! Hopefully I'm not being such a shameless person, but I really need your help 8D

I'm currently participating on a Facebook Panasonic Beauty & Talent Contest, and I really eed your vote. Now I'm chosen as one of The Top 100 Candidates, and I need votes to make me through the selection as the Top 50 candidates (then i'll need another vote until I'm in to the Top 24 and 12 Candidates). So, I beg for your kindness, please vote for me?? :D

How to vote (please follow these steps as the page is in Indonesian):
  1. log on to your FB account.
  2. Go to HERE, and then click 'LIKE' on the Panasonic Indonesia page.
  3. Go to the ZOOM IN BEAUTY tab, and click VOTE.
  4. Then click the FIRST page and find my name, I'm NELLY.
  5. 5. Click VOTE under my picture.
OR you can simply search for my name in the search bar. There's only one Nelly. If you're confused of where the search bar is, follow this picture:

There will be this notification: 1 Results, Click for Details. -> Click on it.
And then VOTE! 8D

I will be waiting for your vote. Thank you so much in advance, and how I will love you always for votting for me ^^
And if you'd like, please add me, I'm 25 and Indonesian :D